BTA Securities says Ore mining and processing enterprise Tort-Kudyk (Kazakhstan) delayed payment of 13th coupon on bonds KZ2C0Y08B834 (KZ2C00001014, TKUDb1)

28.05.13, 18:11
/KASE, May 28, 13/ – JSC "BTA Securities", a subsidiary organization of joint-stock company "BTA Bank", (Almaty, in the heading and hereinafter – BTA Securities), the representative of holders of bonds KZ2C0Y08B834 (KZ2C00001014, KASE official list, buffer category, TKUDb1; KZT1,000, KZT2.0 bn; semi-annual coupon indexed at inflation rate; 7.70 % per annum for the reporting coupon period; 30/360) of JSC "Ore mining and processing enterprise Tort-Kudyk" (Astana), has by an official letter informed KASE of a delay in the payment of the 13th coupon interest on the mentioned bonds. According to the issue prospectus of the said bonds, JSC "Ore mining and processing enterprise Tort-Kudyk" was due to pay this interest in the period May 3 to 20, 2013. BTA Securities said the following in its letter: quote JSC "BTA Securities", being a representative of holders of the said bonds (hereinafter – Representative), notifies you of the occurrence of default event. In accordance with the bond issue prospectus (hereinafter – the Prospectus), on May 21, 2013 the deadline expired for the payment of interest due for the 13th coupon period. According to the written notification received by us the Issuer undertakes to repay the delayed debt not later than the deadline for rem oval of reasons for the default (Prospectus provides for 30 calendar days from the default event occurrence). unquote The list of listed companies which committed default on their bonds is available on KASE website in section "Instruments and issuers" – "Corp. issuers " (tab "default") at [2013-05-28]