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On August 27, the 3rd Issyk-Kul International Conference of Professional Participants of the Securities Market was Held

The workshop participants emphasize that the workshop popularity has significantly increased due to organizers' active measures and participation in it of known specialists and companies-professional participants of the securities market. The number of participants of the workshop increased by more than two times if compared with 2000.

The workshop was notable for friendly and creative atmosphere during sessions, discussions and off-stage meetings. All participants willing to speak were given the opportunity to bring to participants notice their problems and exchanged the gained experience.

In general, participants unanimously emphasized that goals, set by the previous workshop and participants proposals, were achieved.

Based on speeches and implemented discussions, the organizational committee developed, and participants approved


  1. Rename the Issyk-Kul International Workshop of Professional Participants of the Securities Market to the IIssyk-Kul International Conference of Professional Participants of the Securities Market.
  2. At the next in turn conference, form continuously acting organizational committee of the conference, functions of which will include organization of events in the period between conference convocations and implementation of the conference. For development of the draft regulations on the organizational committee, create the working group in the composition of members of the organization committee of 2001. Present the draft to the conference participants for the absentee discussion not later than the third quarter of 2001.
  3. Expand the conference issues to expand the potential range of participants at the expense of:
  • insurance companies,
  • banks and financial institutions,
  • auditing firms,
  • pension and investment funds,
  • self-regulated companies.
  1. In order to decrease risks of professional activities on the securities market, recommend the Kazakhstan Association of registrars to develop requirements for identification of physical persons based on the existing program and technical systems and data bases of corresponding bodies.
  2. Support the initiative of training centers – of the conference participants on improvement of the system of training specialists for the securities market. Recommend to continue development of the training and testing system using modern information technologies.
  3. Focus attention of interested organizations on the principal importance of availability and the mechanism of maintenance of the testing base, which must be the base of knowledge on corresponding disciplines. Create conditions for the public openness of the testing base for efficient use of accumulated in it professional experience in the national interests for training of specialists at all educational levels.
  4. Request organizers of the conference 2001 to undertake obligations to publish this conference materials.
  5. Recommend all conference participants to bring this conference resolution to notice of their companies and regulating bodies of their countries.
  6. Appoint the time of implementation of the 3rd conference at the third decade of August 2002.
Adopted unanimously on August 27, 2001 at the 2nd Issyk-Kul Conference of Professional Participants of the Securities Market with the participation of delegates from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Turkey.