As of June 19 trading in one-week USD/KZT-rate futures (F_USDKZT170626) opened on KASE

19.06.17, 14:57
/KASE, June 19, 2017/ – From June 19, 2017 trading in the one-week USD/KZT rate 
futures with execution on June 26, 2017 opens on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE).

In KASE trading system this one-week contract was assigned an abbreviation 
(ticker) F_USDKZT170626.

Following a decision of KASE's Committee on Indices and Securities Valuation 
the above-mentioned futures was assigned an initial theoretical price of 
KZT319.43 per US dollar which was released in KASE trading system.

The last day of trading in the one-week futures is June 23, 2017.

Trading in derivative financial instruments is held on KASE on business days 
from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm (ALT), the ensuing clearing session – from 3:30 pm to 
4:00 pm (ALT).

KASE derivatives market members entitled to taking part in the exchange trading 
in derivative financial instruments are listed on KASE website, at

Results of trading in futures are released on KASE website at

Texts of the Exchange's internal documents regulating the procedure of 
operation of KASE's derivative market are available at (tab "Trades").