Citizen of Kazakhstan became new owner of Orsk refinery of "Rusneft" - "Vedomosti"

15.09.11, 16:49
/IRBIS, September 15, 2011/ - Former Oil Refinery of "Russneft"
went into the disposal of citizen of Kazakhstan, reported today

How "Vedomosti" found out, the new owner of the Orsk refinery
"Russneft" was a citizen of Kazakhstan Igor Shkolnik. The cost of
asset was about $ 280 million, which he took in the SberBank.

"Russian oil refineries do not often change their owners, so the
recent sale of a single plant of "Russneft" has caused many
problems in the market. And the company flatly refused to
comment on who was the owner of the company -
"Orsknefteorgsintez" in the Orenburg region, transformed in the
past year, 5 million tons of oil" - was said the publication.

As indicated, the new owner of the refinery was a citizen of
Kazakhstan Igor Shkolnik. That he is the ultimate beneficiary of the
Cyprus Sermules Enterprises Limited, which in June bought from
"Russneft" 92.2% of ordinary shares of "Orsknefteorgsintez" - it
follows from the text Sermules mandatory offer to purchase from
the market the remaining 7.8% of the securities, according to

"Vedomosti" failed in finding this man. But in Kazakhstan 31-year-
old Igor Shkolnik, son of former Deputy Prime Minister (and ex-
deputy head of presidential administration of Kazakhstan), Vladimir
Shkolnik, who now heads the state company "Kazatomprom", is
well known. Shkolnik said in offer Sermules, was also born in 1980,
told "Vedomosti" a source close to the Cypriot company. At age 23,
son of the Kazakh official became vice-president of Coalco, then
worked in the "KazTransGas" and sovereign wealth funds,
"Samruk-Kazyna" (as executive director). He left from the fund in
2010, and his future career is not known. Now Igor is in Russia, as
heard from one of his friends. But a source close to the leadership
of "Russneft", assures that the buyer of "Orsknefteorgsintez" not
has no relation to former deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan.
However, "Vedomosti" failed to confirm or refute his words.
Representative of "Kazatomprom" declined to comment", - was
stated in the message.

It is reported that 92.2% of ordinary shares "Orsknefteorgsintez"
cost to the buyer 7.8 billion rubles or about $ 280 million at the
exchange rate at the end of June. In this case the money to buy
"Orsknefteorgsintez" Sermules caught in the Savings Bank ($283
million for five years at 8.15% per annum), and the refinery is
preparing to lay their property for this loan.

"Russneft" has sold in the first half three of its assets. And its profit
for January - June of last year's level rose by 4.3 times to $ 661
million, was said yesterday in a statement. Revenue at the same
time increased by 40% to $ 4.5 billion, OIBDA - by 43% to $ 927

"Debt" of Russneft is the main problem the company, as repeatedly
said its shareholders - fell by 12% to $ 5.4 billion. It was for debt
reduction, the sell of "Orsknefteorgsintez", - on the decision of the
owners' Russneft", was reported in July", - was specified in the