ATFBank raised KZT60.0 bn on KASE selling 7-year bonds KZ2C00003135 (ATFBb15) at 10.95 % APR on March 14

14.03.19, 18:34
/KASE, March 14, 2019/ – A special trading session for offering bonds KZ2C00003135 
(ATFBb15; KZT1,000, KZT60.0 bn; March 14, 2019 – March 14, 2026; 30/360) of 
ATFBank (Almaty), was held in Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) trading system 
today. Below are parameters of the bid and results of the special trading session.

BID PARAMETERS:                                                      
---------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Number of participants:                                    2         
Number of orders submitted (all / active):
only limit:     2 / 2     
Volume of active orders*, mln tenge:                       60,000.0  
Bid to ask, %:                                             100.0     
Coupon rate on orders submitted, % (on all / on active):   10.9500   
* active orders – orders not annulled by trade                       
  participants at expiry of order submission period including those, 
  confirmed by Confirmation System participants.                     

Whole volume of active orders came from institutional investors.

OFFERING RESULTS:                                                    
Volume of orders executed, bonds:                   60,000,000       
Volume of orders executed, tenge:                   60,000,000,000.00
Number of orders executed:                          2                
Number of participants, whose orders were executed: 2                
Volume of orders executed, % of plan:               100.0            
Coupon rate on orders executed, % APR:              10.9500          

According to the Central Securities Depository (Almaty), the deal on
this offering by the end of settlement based on the trading results,
was fully executed.

Trade date:                            March 14, 2019                  
Announced volume at face value, tenge: 60,000,000,000                  
Lot size, pieces:                      1                               
Trade subject:                         coupon rate                     
Purchase orders types:                 limit                           
Order submission method:               closed                          
Order acceptance period:               11:30–15:00                     
Order confirmation period:             11:30–15:30                     
Striking time:                         16:00 (Т+0)                     
Payment date and time:                 March 14, 2019                  
                                       16:00 (Т+0)                     
Orders cut-off mehod:                  orders are cut-off, whose       
                                       prices are equal to or          
                                       above the cut-off price         
Orders execution method:               at cut-off price, by the time of
                                       acceptance of offset orders     
Trades initiator:                      ATFBank                         
Trading system sector:                 Debts_List_ST1                  
Trading system group:                  Bonds_ST1_M