ATFBank provides information on ratings of its bonds assigned by Fitch Ratings

14.03.19, 17:49
/KASE, March 14, 2019/ – ATFBank (Almaty, hereinafter – the Bank), has provided KASE with information on ratings assigned to its bonds by the agency Fitch Ratings, as of March 13, 2019: quote - Rating on senior unsecured debt liabilities: ISIN KZ2C00002509, ISIN KZ2C00003143, ISIN KZ2C00003093, ISIN KZ2C00003101, ISIN KZ2C00003135 – "В-"/"ВВ-(kaz)"; - Rating on term subordinared debt liabilities: ISIN KZ2C00003119, ISIN KZ2C00003127 – "СС"/ "ССС(kaz)"; - Rating on perpetual subordinared debt liabilities in foreign currency – ISIN XS0274618247 – "С". unquote Detailed information is available on KASE website at – [2019-03-14]