As of February 7 trading in Almatytemir bonds KZ2C00001493 (ALTMb1) resumed on KASE

07.02.19, 10:47
/KASE, February 7, 2019/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) notifies you that as of February 7, 2019 trading in bonds KZ2C00001493 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", ALTMb1) of Almatytemir (Almaty) was resumed on KASE. Following a decision of KASE's Management Board, trading in said bonds was suspended on KASE from October 3, 2018 due to the general meeting of holders of said bonds on October 3, 2018. Trading in said bonds was resumed since KASE received amendments to said bonds' issue prospectus adopted on October 3, 2018 at the general meeting of bondholders and registered by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 28, 2019, according to which the security, procedure, terms and time of fulfillment of early repurchase of bonds, as well as other conditions regarding default, covenants have changed. Amendments to said bonds issue prospectus are available on KASE website – Earlier there was a related KASE news item dated September 25, 2018 "As of October 3 trading in Almatytemir bonds KZ2C0Y17C783 (KZ2C00001493, ALTMb1) will be suspended on KASE" – [2019-02-07]