AMF Group shareholders make decision to pay dividends on ordinary shares KZ1C00000512 (AKFI) for nine months of 2018

16.01.19, 15:23
/KASE, January 16, 2019/ – AMF Group (Astana), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about decisions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders held on January 12, 2019: - to approve the distribution of the part of net income for payment of dividends on ordinary shares based on the results of a separate financial statements for nine months of 2018; - to set a dividend of KZT20 per one ordinary share; - to set the date for compiling the list of shareholders entitled to dividends – January 14, 2019; - to set the date for launching payment of dividends – January 14, 2019; - dividends to be paid by a wire transfer to shareholders’ bank accounts in the national currency. This information is available (in Kazakh and Russian) at – [2019-01-16]