Repeated special trading session for offering of MEUKAM-168 of 3rd issue (KZKDKY140033) will be held on KASE on June 18

29.05.18, 15:16
/KASE, May 29, 2018/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) announces that a repeated 
special trading session for offering of government long-term treasury bonds of 
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Finance (MEUKAM) will be held in KASE trading system on 
June 18, 2018 on the terms below (Almaty time).

Security type:                                               MEUKAM-168             
National identification number:                              KZKDKY140033           
Issue order number:                                          0003 / 168             
KASE trade code:                                             MUM168_0003            
Nominal value, tenge:                                        1,000.00               
Outstanding bonds, pcs:                                      40,000,000             
Circulation start date:                                      April 16, 2018         
Circulation end date:                                        April 15, 2032         
Maturity date:                                               April 16, 2032         
Circulation term:                                            14 years (5,040 days)  
Coupon rate:                                                 8.45 % APR             
Coupon payment periodicity:                                  once a year            
Coupon payment schedule:                                   1 April 16, 2019         
                                                           2 April 16, 2020         
                                                           3 April 16, 2021         
                                                           4 April 18, 2022         
                                                           5 April 17, 2023         
                                                           6 April 16, 2024         
                                                           7 April 16, 2025         
                                                           8 April 16, 2026         
                                                           9 April 16, 2027         
                                                          10 April 17, 2028         
                                                          11 April 16, 2029         
                                                          12 April 16, 2030         
                                                          13 April 16, 2031         
                                                          14 April 16, 2032         
Time base:                                                   30 / 360               
Trade date:                                                  June 18, 2018          
Current maturity:                                            13.8 years (4,978 
Declared offering volume, mln tenge:                         20,000                 
Trade subject:                                               "clean" price          
Market order execution ratio, %:                             70                     
Order submission method:                                     closed                 
Order receipt time:                                          09:00–11:00            
Order confirmation time:                                     09:00–11:30 (Т+0)      
Striking time:                                               before 15:00 (Т+0)     
Payment date and time:                                       June 18, 2018          
                                                             15:00 (Т+0)            
Execution method:                                            at cut-off price       
Limit orders execution way:                                  pro rata to amounts    
                                                             of offset orders       
Trading system sector:                                       MEKAM_ST1              
Trading system group:                                        MEUKAM_168             

As the price an order must indicate the "clean" price (without taking into account  
the accrued interest) price of bonds in percentage from the security's face value,  
with accuracy within the fourth decimal. This indicator is the trading subject.

Trade participants must by the time indicated in the table provide money available 
at the money account used for settlement on deals in securities in accordance with 
the set of rules of the Central Securities Depository (Almaty), in the amount 
sufficient to pay for acquired treasury bonds (based on the assumption that all 
orders submitted by trade participants and accepted by KASE are subject to 

At full or partial satisfaction of orders submitted, the payment of the respective  
amount must be carried out in accordance with the Rules of placement of government 
treasury bonds of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The text of said Rules is available 

The text of the Rules of issue, placement, circulation, service and maturity of 
government treasury bonds of the Republic of Kazakhstan is available on KASE 
website at

The Regulations on trading methods are available on KASE website –

Details of said bond issue are available on KASE website