16.01.18, 12:20
/KASE, January 16, 2018/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) announces 
supplementing KASE's official information channel in Telegram – @KASEInfoBot 
– with information on dividends.

To access new service, a user of the information channel has to go up to the 
upper level of the main menu using screen buttons to the securities section, 
where he will find the dividends menu button.

Thus, a user currently subscribed to the information channel @KASEInfoBot, will 
be updated on the process and results of securities and foreign currency trading
on KASE, as well as on values of indicators calculated by KASE and on the payout 
of dividends in a convenient and concise format.

The service is provided free of charge in Kazakh, Russian and English. A user 
can easily change the language by choosing setup button in the main menu, where 
he will find language settings. In future, launch of a fee-based version is  

KASE welcomes all interested parties to join the information channel @KASEInfoBot.

* * *

Let us remind that in order to obtain information on the channel in question, a 
user needs to send a request to @KASEInfoBot and within a short time he/she 
will receive trade details of the chosen instrument or data on the value of the 
chosen indicator.

One of advantages of @KASEInfoBot is the possibility to adjust notifications
with  a periodicity convenient for the user, which allows him to receive chosen
data  automatically at the chosen time onto his smartphone or computer.

To connect to KASE channel you have to enter @KASEInfoBot in the search bar 
of the Telegram and press button "Start Bot".

Users are welcome to make comments in a special support group at 

Telegram can be downloaded free of charge from Appstore for IOS and from 
Playmarket – for Android. On the official website of the Telegram you can 
download a desktop version of the software for Windows, MacOS or for an 
Internet browser.