Subscription to Bank CenterCredit's subordinated convertible bonds KZP02Y15E993 (KZ2C00004083, CCBNb29) will be conducted on KASE from October 27 to November 2

27.10.17, 09:44
/KASE, October 27, 2017/ – As announced earlier, from October 27 to November 2, 
2017 an initial offering of Bank CenterCredit's subordinated bonds KZP02Y15E993
(KZ2C00004083, KASE main market, category "bonds", CCBNb29; KZT1,000, KZT60.0 bn; 
15 years; annual coupon 4.00 % APR; in the first circulation year the coupon is 
paid for 30 and 330 days; 30/360) convertible to ordinary shares will be conducted 
in Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE, or exchange) trading system by way of 
subscription to them.

The bonds' issuer will act as the seller during the subscription to them
(hereinafter  – the Seller).

The face value of bonds being offered is KZT60,000,000,000.

As the price an order must indicate the bonds' "dirty" price, expressed in tenge
with accuracy of up to the fourth decimal place.

The number of financial instruments in an order must be represented by the
number of bonds in pieces. The subscription conditions contain no restrictions
for the buyer with regard to the maximum number of bonds in orders submitted.

Subscription orders will be collected from October 27 to November 2, 2017 on 
business days from 10:00 to 16:00 o'clock (Almaty time). The subscription bond 
ticker is CCBNb29. During the subscription only limit orders submitted to KASE 
trading system by the closed method will be accepted.

The Seller shall receive the registry of orders collected by the Exchange on 
November 2, 2017, the Exchange shall receive the registry of orders executed 
from the Seller on November 2, 2017; the settlement period is November 3–9, 

Central Securities Depository will carry out the settlement of the subscription.
Buyers of securities must ensure the sufficiency of funds in their accounts with
Central Securities Depository by 9:00 o'clock (Almaty time) on November 3, 2017 
to pay for the acquired securities.

The orders for participation are submitted only through KASE stock market 
members. The full list of KASE members by category is published at

According to this subscription terms the list of additional information on the
investor disclosed to the issuer of the bonds must include the following data:

1) last name, first name, if available – patronymic or a legal entity name;

2) IIN of an individual or BIN of a legal entity;

3) Citizenship of the individual or the country of incorporation of the legal

4) name and details of a document confirming a personal identity / confirming 
   registration as a legal entity (number, issue date and issuing body);

5) address of an individual or a legal entity;

6) other information available in the accounting system of the Central Securities  
   Depository not constituting a commercial secret in the securities market.

The Rules of Subscription to securities are available on KASE website at

More details of said bonds issue are available on KASE website