/SPECIFIED/ KASE removes bonds KZPC0Y05B651 (KZ2C00000537, CCBNb17) of Bank CenterCredit (Kazakhstan) from KASE_B* series indices' representative list due to circulation term expiry

16.05.12, 17:01
/KASE, May 16, 12, heading quotes reason for excluding bonds/ - Kazakhstan
Stock Exchange (KASE) Risk Committee from May 16, 2012 removed from the
representative list of indices KASE_BY, KASE_BP and KASE_BC bonds
KZPC0Y05B651 (KZ2C00000537, KASE official list, first sub-category of Rated
Debt Securities category, CCBNb17; KZT100, KZT5.0 bn; May 16, 2007 - May
16, 2012; annual coupon 8.50 % APR; 30/360) of JSC "Bank CenterCredit"
(Almaty) have been removed from KASE official list due to the circulation term

From May 16, 2012, when calculating the index KASE_BP KASE will use the
adjustment coefficient (К), equal to 0.9981766, when calculating KASE_BC -
0.9985497, KASE_BY - 1.6989588. Before the mentioned date (К) for
KASE_BP equaled to 0.9981698, KASE_BC - 0.9985500  and 1.6989615 for
KASE_BY, accordingly.

KASE_BY - corporate bond yield index.

KASE_BC - corporate bond price index calculated according to the prices
without account to accrued (accrued, but not paid) interest thereon (by "net"

KASE_BP - corporate bond price index calculated with account to all accrued
interest thereon, including that not paid.

All of the indicated indices are calculated by KASE once a day according to
results of trades in corporate bonds.

The unit weight of each denomination of bond in value of indicators is limited to
fifteen percent. At that, only volume of outstanding and not redeemed bonds in
accordance with documents available at KASE shall be accounted. The
limitation is made through the restrictive coefficient.

Earlier there was a related piece of KASE news of May 16, 2012 "Bonds
KZPC0Y05B651 (KZ2C00000537, CCBNb17) of Bank CenterCredit
(Kazakhstan) removed from KASE official list due to circulation term expiry", at

The methodology of calculation of indices is regulated by the KASE internal
document "Methodology of Calculation of Stock Market Indicators", available at